Services Available


  • Psychological and Psycho-educational assessments
  • Assessments for Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD)
  • Assessments for ADHD , EBD, and ODD
  • Assessments for specific learning difficulties
    (Dyslexia, Dyscalculia and Specific Language Disorders)
  • Assessments of 2nd level students seeking reasonable accommodations
    in state examinations (RACE). RACE is a scheme offering a range of special accommodations to students with a Specific Learning Disability, when they are doing the Leaving Certificate examinations. These accommodations include assistance with reading, spelling and grammar, and writing.
  • Assessment of 2nd level students seeking to avail of the
    Disability Access Route to Education (DARE). DARE is a supplementary admissions scheme, offering college places on reduced points, to students who have learning, physical or emotional disabilities. This scheme is administered through the CAO. See: for more information.
  • Assessment of 3rd levels students seeking access to the Disability Support
    Services in third level colleges

The following services are also provided

  • Occupational Assessments and Career Guidance
  • Study skills` training
  • Advice and training to teachers who work with students with ASD,ADHD, EBD and ADD